Make a difference in the lives of children like DJ today!


Make a difference in the lives of children like DJ today!

Children and adults are waiting... they're waiting for hope given by you!

If God gave you the opportunity to change the life of a child or adult with disabilities right now, would you? We believe you would. And so today, we're inviting you to transform a life.

Today we are asking for your support of the St. Joseph Center Annual Fund. Our goal this year is to raise $50,000 to fully fund our school. Annual Fund dollars touch nearly every component of school life, thereby benefitting every SJC student, adult and family. Your gift to the Annual Fund is the most direct way for you to make a real impact on the lives of those that need it most. Your generous donation goes directly toward giving our students, adults and their families hope and grace for a better tomorrow!

With just $50, you will support our music and art programs. When you donate $100, you will allow us to invest in technology upgrades and on-line resources. And with a $250 donation, your contribution will provide tuition assistance so that our families will not experience financial hardships for providing the best education for their children.

Your gift to the Annual Fund is a way to say: YES! I believe in SJC’s mission and want to see it continue. You are a true blessing to the St. Joseph Center family. Even in uncertain times, you have remained unwavering in your support. Grounded in faith, SJC will always be stronger when we come together.

Please help us reach our goal. Together we are transforming lives!

Thank you and God bless!